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Post-cyberpunk roguelike - Play a transhuman exploring gigantic megastructures · By Klaim


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DEVLOG 2024-01-06
Past few weeks I have progressed to get to visuals as soon as possible, but kinf of failed cause of a compiler bug. To be very short, the compiler bug happens w...
2023 Retrospective
Every January the reddit r/roguelikedev/ group is having an event where gamedev posts about their project, their retrospective through the year and what they in...
DEVLOG 2023-12-23
This week’s progress: I improved the system to make the C++ side (model + director) control in broad strokes the Godot side (the view implementation) by doing...
DEVLOG 2023-12-16
This week I was supposed to setup a failure strategy and logging system but before that I wanted to quickly implement the most basic game states: having a title...
DEVLOG 2023-12-09
This week was quite busy both in the project and in dayjob, I’m super tired but things progressed: I managed to complete a working architecture for the model...
DEVLOG 2023-12-02
This week have seen slow progress as I recover from some minor health problems, nothing to worry about but prevented me to have any focus for several days. When...
DEVLOG 2023-11-18
This week I had planned to focus mostly on design notes to fix some ideas in the wood (instead of the marble). Previously I was using files to note my d...
DEVLOG 2023-11-11
This week I mainly focused on completing the technical setup of the project. Last week I thought I would have enough of one week but it was optimistic and I ove...
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Hi newcomer! If you have questions on this project, it’s development or have suggestions and opinions, feel free to ex...
started by Klaim Jan 16, 2023
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