DEVLOG 2023-11-18

This week I had planned to focus mostly on design notes to fix some ideas in the wood (instead of the marble).

Previously I was using files to note my design ideas as graphs. But I was on the lookout for potentially better tools with similar particularities like being stored locally but easilly backuped or stored in a git repository (aka text files). After looking at the options and being advised by game designer friends, I decided to try Obsidian. I didnt do much yet with it but I’m starting to use it to solidify my design decisions and make sure I dont start with a core of the game that’s inflexible knowing my goals.

So I’ve started making diagrams and noting the ideas that I should keep, sorting them, but I’m still in the beginning and have not done as much as I hoped. Although I still have the weekend (it’s 2am right now, friday night).

This week I also got curious about the C++ modules issues I was finding with clang and decided to check if there was a workaround. Turnout that I did find weird workaround after reducing the issues to very simple cases. However, it’s pretty hard to explain so i’ll skip that. The crux of what I intend to say here is that I found a way to completely use C++ modules with clang in MEGASTRUCTURES, not just the core/model of it like I was saying last week. Other than that I didnt code much on the game, I did some basic warmup tasks but that’s it. That’s also what I planned: focus on design this week so that I can chain technical tasks in the following ones.

I think I will have to adjust again my tasks as I mentionned last week, but otherwise it’s going fine. I hope to start having something that looks like a simple roguelike but not coded “like a prototype” (the dirty way) in about 2 weeks (cause I’m slow haha).

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