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Megastructure: "a gigantic artificial structure which is self-sufficient"

MEGASTRUCTURES is a traditional roguelike game with transhumanism and cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk themes & technologies.

Latest news: the devlog

You play a "fork" (a mind copy) of a transhuman : a human, or human-level sentient earth animal, with cyber-implants and health-monitoring nanomachines or a completely artificial body, but always have a computer in the head, a cyberbrain hosting your mind. You enter and basically get lost and end up exploring an unspeakably gigantic mesh of loosely interconnected megastructures. To survive the many dangers in these unpredictable places, you have the possibility to change body, duplicate your mind into several bodies, customize bodies and mind(s), use software/knowledge and body extensions to augment yourself, use hacking to imped your ennemies or use your the systems in your environment, do high-speed combat (which happen in slow-motion for you), traverse local network system and virtual worlds, to name a few options.

Status: prototyping is done, game's development started in November 2023. We are in super early phases so dont expect a playable version until mid-2024 at least. Follow to get regular updates!

Latest news: the devlog

More details on this game, the plan, the prototypes, etc. in this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/roguelikedev/comments/10d4013/2023_in_roguelikedev_mega...

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The prototypes and future versions of this project will be published here, follow to get updates. In addition:

Devlog & Community:

Dev Log: https://klaim.itch.io/megastructures/devlog/

If you want to follow what's happening on the development side or want to give some feedback suggestions or critics to this project, see the sections below for the developer log and the community forum. They will be active at least the time of development of the prototypes, probably longer.

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