This is a demo, complete game coming soon, feedback is very much appreciated. :)

This game is designed for minimum window resolution: 1100 x 750

Development log


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nice :D  I love the music and even if I don't understand all the things I just laugh reading this  " Goto - considered taboo by most programmers " XD 


There is an update incoming, that should be followed by the final version.


BTW The music was made by Roc Lee, not me (just to clarify)

Great work @Klaim! You've put in a ton of time and it really shows. Excellent project :) 

Thank you!
The other levels are coming, their content is already in but we lacked time to complete their generation. You will be able to see more soon ^^

Really like how the art style , music /fx and gameplay have all come together around the theme!

Thank you! Hopefully you will be able to see even more content when I'll activate the other levels ^^