Hard Glitch v1.0.1

Hard Glitch is finally complete!

I lack sleep and there is too much to say, so I will be short for the summary of changes since the last demo version:

  1. All levels are finished. Some could be improved but I consider them good enough.
  2. Massive tons of ergonomy, communication and learning improvements. Though it is still far from being perfect, this is a far better version than the demo.
  3. An incredible amount of fixes.
  4. A ton of items were added to make clearer how the game works.
  5. I added a few secrets that can be exploited to get very powerful very fast!

Thank you everybody!

I also setup a form for people to give feedback after playing: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bXDZAI8ua-nf5AGz76eolMvuIdaqu1oHk7jSdrPDc_I/edit?usp=sharing

The results of the form will probably not be used to fix the game (except if something is fundamentally broken), but it will be used to inform potential future games similar to this one (because it was very fun to make :))


hardglitch-v1.0.1.zip 62 MB
Dec 20, 2021

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