The House - v0.9-Alpha

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Downloadable versions are below.

  • First person, low-key horror. Trigger Warning: body horror. Play time should be between an hour and 3 hours depending on if you find the keys easily or not.
  • Prefer the downloadable desktop versions below to the web version for better performance, the web version is fine but takes longer to load.
  • Note for MacOS players: to download the desktop version, please use the application to not have security issues.
  • Requirements: keyboard and mouse
  • Credits: see the Credits button in-game
  • Made in HomeTeam Gamedev (Outpost) 
  • Made with Godot Engine

What is missing:

  • Some 3D models are missing and replaced by placeholders (red blocks, body parts, etc.)
  • Some sounds are not plugged in yet (WIP)
  • There is a missing special effect


Download 110 MB
Version 9 Oct 01, 2023
Download 123 MB
Version 7 Oct 01, 2023
Download 111 MB
Version 9 Oct 01, 2023

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